CoComelon Official 3″ Family Figure 8 Pack


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Cocomelon 3″ Family Figure 8 Pack. It’s time to play house with JJ, his family, and even the pup, Bingo! With the CoComelon Family 8 Figure Set, your child will have a blast playing with the starring characters from their favorite children’s show, CoComelon! Featuring JJ, his family – including Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa – as well as JJ’s siblings, TomTom and Yoyo, and of course, Bingo! There is a world of adventures ahead as your child lets their imagination run free with the Family 8 Figure Set! Roleplay helps expand a child’s imagination, an activity and skill that is important to develop during their formative years. Inspire and nurture your little one’s imagination with the CoComelon Family 8 Figure Set!

  • Cocomelon Figurines – Family Theme Pack – Eight (8) Figurines
  • Family Figures Include: Mom, JJ, Bingo, Dad, Grandma, TomTom, YoYo, and Grandpa
  • BONUS: Includes 12 exclusive Cocomelon stickers
  • Coloring page is also included
  • The Family 8 Figure Set comes with all of the loving members of JJ’s family
  • Little kids love to play along with CoComelon’s toys and accessories from the hit children’s show! The CoComelon Family 8 Figure Set will make a great gift for your child!