Crayola Inspiration Art Case


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140+ pieces included All the tools you need, just add imagination. Includes 64 crayons, 20 short coloured pencils, 40 washable markers and 15 sheets of paper Storage case has locks and handles Contents and colours may vary Over 140 Pieces For Creative Fun The Inspiration Art Case is an all-inclusive kit that contains everything you need to draw, doodle, and illustrate at home or on the go. To get started, grab one of the sheets of paper and choose your tool. The case comes with Crayola Crayons, Washable Markers, Mini Coloured Pencils, and sheets of paper. The Crayola Crayons bring your images to life and come in a variety of vibrant shades from brilliant blues to earthy browns, bright yellows and greens, to deep black and purple tones. The mini coloured pencils are great for drawing outlines, shapes, and faces or experimenting with shading. These pencils are also ideal for adding titles or other words and phrases to your drawings. Vibrant Washable Markers The SuperTips markers feature a versatile tip that draws both thick and thin lines and has a smooth feel. The vibrant colours won’t bleed through paper. The Pip Squeaks Skinnies Markers have a thin barrel and finer tip for more detailed drawings. Both the SuperTips and Pip Squeaks are washable so they won’t stain your skin or clothes. What’s Included Storage Case with Locks and Handles 64 Crayons 20 Short Coloured Pencils