LeapFrog Number Crunchin’ Squirrel – English Version


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Go nuts for learning with the Number Crunchin’ Squirrel! Feed him yummy squirrel treats to learn about fruits, colors and early math concepts. When the squirrel has eaten all the treats, press his tail to send them soaring and start again. Press this hungry squirrel’s light-up nose to hear what he would like to eat next. He also sings cheerful songs about fruit, colors and numbers. This little squirrel is sure to make learning a treat!
• Snack on early math concepts, colors and fruit names by feeding the adorable squirrel colorful treats.
• 10 squirrel treats include four green apples, three yellow bananas, two red strawberries and one purple grape treat for the squirrel to snack on.
• Launch the squirrel treats by pulling down on the tail lever to start the fun all over again.
• Press the squirrel’s light-up nose button to hear a variety of questions. Answer each one by feeding him the correct squirrel treat.
• Press the acorn button to hear sing-along songs about colors, numbers and food.